Cancer Support

Integrative Cancer Support at the Dean Wellness Institute

Dr. Dean has experienced the trial and tribulations that accompany cancer with countless patients. Cancer affects not only the patient, but also their family and loved ones. It can be very scary to try to work through the medical maze with a potentially catastrophic disease such as cancer. Many patients don’t know that they have alternative options to help optimize their immune system.


The field of Oncology has made tremendous advances in the past few years. But, many of chemotherapeutic agents used as “standard of care” for cancer have challenging side effects such as nutritional depletions and gastrointestinal side effects. These side effects may be diverted or minimalized with appropriate testing and administration of nutritional supplements given intravenously.


Advanced testing is available for cancer patients or those trying to prevent cancer. From a preventative standpoint, testing has advanced to the point that we are able to identify hormonal and physiological factors that could be out of line and set a person’s body up for cancer. Once these factors are identified, they can be modified with proper supplementation and management by Dr. Dean.


At Dean Wellness Institute, we also offer testing this is able to identify circulating cancer cells. Once identified, these cancer cells can be tested against some of the most common therapeutic options. This process helps to focus on those therapies that are found to be most beneficial for the patient.


Dr. Dean wants to ensure that her patients can experience an integrative approach to best meet their needs. At Dean Wellness Institute, patients are provided with the most up-to-date information and options. This has been found to be the best means to allow patients to be in control of their treatment plan.


Learn More about Integrative Cancer Support

If you would like to learn more information about integrative cancer support, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Dean. At the Dean Wellness Institute, we believe that our patients should feel comfortable with multiple options that can make a dramatic difference in battling cancer.


To learn more about integrative cancer support and Dr. Melissa Dean, contact our wellness center today. You do not have to be alone with your cancer.