For some women, the natural processes of childbirth and aging can reduce one’s ability to enjoy life to its fullest. The decline in sexual health can often be dismissed as “normal” or uncomfortable to discuss with a medical professional. However, some of the most common vaginal dysfunctions include vaginal dryness, loss of labial/vaginal vault elasticity, urine leakage and loss of sensitivity. THERMIva® is an alternative procedure that drastically improves the functionality and external appearance without pain or recovery time. We encourage you to learn more now to see if THERMIva® is right you.


What is ThermiVa®

Until now, many vaginal rejuvenation options consisted of invasive surgical procedures or painful lasers that required an uncomfortable recovery time. THERMIva® is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that utilizes radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue to rejuvenate labial and vaginal collagen, without discomfort or down time. While this technology is used on other areas of the body to tighten, THERMIva® is designed specifically for female sexual health.


Am I a good candidate?

If you are suffering from the early stages of menopause, have a “leaky bladder” or have had one or more children and want to restore the youthfulness to your labia and/or vagina, you are an excellent candidate for THERMIva®.


Why is ThermiVa® the best choice for me?

There are a lot of benefits for using THERMIva® to enhance or restore your sexual health. A single therapy from start to finish is only 30 min. There are no prep or lifestyle considerations prior to treatment. There are no scars, risks for infection, or side effects with this procedure and sexual activity may resume immediately. Women who have experienced childbirth are not the only ones who would benefit from THERMIva®. Women who have experienced certain physical activities (such as prolonged standing/lifting), extreme weight changes, or hormone level deficiencies can suffer from urinary stress or urge incontinence which can affect any female at any age. Another issue is vaginal dryness which can lead to chronic infections and a condition called anorgasmia – an inability to reach full orgasm despite responding to sexual stimulation. The success rate for THERMIva® therapy, after the completion of three treatments, is over 95%


The ThermiVa® Experience

During your sessions, you will be place in a comfortable lithotomic position. Our practitioner will use an ergonomically designed wand with an active tip that delivers a gentle heat that provides the radiofrequency energy to denature and contract collagen fibers that result in the tightening of loose skin. You will notice a warm sensation as the practitioner moves the wand around inside and outside of your vagina. Some patients report the feeling of a warm stone massage during the application.


Post Experience

Due to the gentle technology of THERMIva®, there have been no reported adverse effects reported. You may return to normal activities (including intercourse) immediately. Some clients have even scheduled treatments during breaks in their business hours because the procedure is simple and can be done in such a timely manner.


You can expect:

  • increased moisture

  • decreased chaffing and dryness

  • enhanced sexual pleasure

  • aesthetically pleasing appearance

  • decreased urine frequency


Most importantly, even though it will take a few treatments to achieve optimal response, you will notice results immediately after the first session.