Most men and women who choose Dysport® to address their frown lines see results within 2-3 days of their injection, with lasting improvement for up to four months. Follow up Dysport® treatments are necessary to maintain your results. In clinical trials, 97 percent of patients said they would do it again for the natural-looking results, and studies also found that over 80 percent of patients had a successful reduction in wrinkle appearance.

The procedure itself involves one injection into five points above and between the eyebrows where glabellar lines form due to repeated muscle activity. Dysport® treatments take just 10-20 minutes and are performed at Dean Wellness Institute, typically by our Nurse Injector who specializes in dermal fillers and neuromodulator injectables.

Dysport® works well for adults under the age of 65 and is approved to treat facial lines and neurological concerns in 69 countries, including the United States. However, this injectable should not be used if you’ve had an allergic reaction to a product with botulinum toxins, cow’s milk protein, have a skin infection at the injection site or are otherwise allergic to any ingredients contained in Dysport.

The most common side effects found in clinical trials were a headache, injection site pain or skin reaction, nose and throat irritation, eyelid swelling or drooping, nausea, sinus inflammation, and upper respiratory tract infection.